Advanced Health Coaches

The following Advanced Health Coaches (AHC) have completed at least 2 mentorships with the Kaizen Institute of Health and have completed at least one year of further training in our ongoing education programme.

  • AHC Level 1 have done 1 year of advanced study with the Institute
  • AHC Level 2 have done 2 years of advanced study with the Institute
  • AHC Level 3 have done 3 or more years of advanced study with the Institute

Ginera photo

Ginera Linton-Ozich – Level 3

Hi I’m Ginera a movement and wellness coach and mum to two beautiful children. My mission is to inspire, educate and move people to a more vital & healthier well-being.
With over 20 years of professional experience working in the health & fitness industry, I specialise in corrective movement, Pilates, pre & postnatal exercise, stress and lifestyle balance.

I incorporate adrenal dysfunction (fatigue) and food sensitivity testing as part of a myriad of tools to address people’s health concerns. By making people aware of their personal stressors, it allows us to eliminate their impact and work people towards feeling more vital and moving efficiently.

My training philosophy is based on strengthening the weak links in the body to ensure you have a strong stable platform for movement. This allows you to become stronger, fitter and leaner so you can get on with doing the activities you enjoy, without being burdened by reoccurring niggles or injury. Ginera will challenge your perception of needing to work longer & harder to moving smarter & more intelligently.

I am conveniently located in Auckland’s central business district. Please contact me if you are ready to make amazing changes to your movement, health and happiness

Location:  Level 7/22 Durham Street West, Auckland CBD


Phone No:   027 331 8276


Paul Todd – Level 3

Paul is a Health and performance coach working with busy professionals who are often balancing work and athletic/ health and fitness pursuits and juggling family commitments and everything else life throws at them.

“We help to manage the health of our clients using our understanding of functional health and corrective movement so you’ll see the benefits in everyday life. We work with you so you can build a plan that will see you improving your everyday health and performance so you can focus on what’s meaningful to you.”

We have an education based approach focused on helping you create an understanding of what will be needed to help you get the most of out of every day. Improve your energy, health and performance through your lifestyle and you can focus on thriving

Location:  Christchurch CBD


Mobile No:   021409558

Renee Clark – Level 3

Renee is a holistic exercise and nutrition coach who takes into consideration the unique needs and wants of each individual client, in order to work with them to reach their health and fitness potential. The tools in her toolbox include functional health testing (adrenal and food sensitivity), pilates, corrective exercise and nutrition/lifestyle coaching.

Renee endeavours to live her life and create an environment where people can feel part of a community in an atmosphere that caters to their unique learning styles. This enables people to learn, grow and walk confidently on their health and fitness journey.

Renee is committed to continuing to learn along with her clients and invites you to join in her in her studio setting for one on one or small groups sessions.

Location:  Thames, NZ


Phone No:   0212061082

Richard (Rich) Ellis – Level 3

Having worked in the exercise industry for 8 years, I have been lucky enough to work with a diverse, fantastic range of people. Most clients come to see me to lose weight and get more energy. My clients have access to tests which allows them to see in black and white where their internal health is at, and together we then make a plan to work on these for ultimate health and energy – giving people the freedom to do whatever they want.

“I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your health and fitness goals”
Rich Ellis (Winner Personal Trainer 2016 – New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards)

Location:  Greenhithe, Auckland. See Map


Phone No:   09 950 4417

Mobile No:   021 777 417

Raewyn Ng – Level 3

Rae is a Movement and Health Coach based in Wellington with an interest in the impact of stress on mental and physical wellness and weight loss, the interface between personal and environmental health and managing sustainable healthy lifestyles.

Her Kaizen Institute of Health and CHEK training background provides a broad understanding of the holistic approaches to health and wellbeing and how to incorporate these into a lifestyle management plan that can be maintained by the client.

NZ Exercise Industry Awards Finalist, Personal Trainer of the Year Award 2012 and 2015

Location:  Wellington


Phone No:   021 232 6692


Daina Kahu – Level 3

Specialties: 12 month “Fitlife Journey” program – Coaching you how to DeStress by DeCluttering food and environment and adopting heathy lifestyle habits. Adrenal Fatigue Hormonal Testing and Food Sensitivity Testing Facilitating transition from SAD to vegetarian/vegan lifestyle Installing confidence in women and men through boxing.

Location: Brisbane

Mobile No:    0406958260

Codie Wilkins – Level 3

I am a Personal Trainer and Health / Wellness Coach with a holistic edge.
I like to help my clients with all aspects of life, showing them it goes beyond what happens in the gym and kitchen.

I have embarked on a journey that gives new meaning to looking after yourself.
After starting my education with the Kaizen Institute of Health, I became aware that I was not looking after myself the best I could. I was in a nasty phase of Adrenal Exhaustion!

I want to share my personal experience / growth and continued education to inspire and guide people to a healthier and brighter life – showing them there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is so much brighter on the other side.

Location:  Brisbane


Mobile No:     0408 147 247  

Helena Oscilowska – Level 1

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 16 years.

I have three children, all adults now, so I understand the pressures of a busy life juggling family and a career whilst maintaining some form of balance in one’s lifestyle.

In my role as a Kaizen Health Practitioner, I specialise in women’s health and fitness coaching and I also work with executive clients who I guide and support in their journey to making positive lifestyle changes. I look at all aspects of the individual… body, mind and spirit using a holistic healing approach and also working collectively with a group of specialist practitioners where necessary to get optimum results for my clients.

My role as an MNZ Registered Remedial Massage Therapist is beneficial in providing therapeutic care for clients who are in pain or purely for relaxation purposes.

Location:  Wellington


Mobile No:    0274545471

Ainsley – Level 2

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in Exercise, Health and Wellbeing for myself! After having travelled many paths on my journey I am delighted to have come back to where I feel home is – helping others on their own health and wellness journey’s. Finding their youth again and feeling great about themselves for the remainder of their lives.

I am a qualified REPs Personal Trainer and I love training and sharing with my clients to make a difference in their lives and often to those who may not know their full potential. Supporting them to make small changes to their lifestyle in order to achieve greater things in all areas of their life and within their circle of influence. We are all on a journey – and life is not really measured by the destination but by how we take on triumphs and challenges that are sent to us!!. I love being part of my client’s journey’s too and I am fully rewarded when I see even an inkling of growth and positive change within each of their lives.

Integrating the holistic approach has completed my circle of how I am living my life, running my business and supporting my clients. Changing their perceptions, ideas and actions on living a Happy and Full life along with their newfound Wellness will be sustainable for long term!

Location:  Springfield, Canterbury, NZ


Mobile No:     0272467539  


Ben Edusei – Level 2

Ben is a functional health and wellness practitioner based in Wellington who understands the importance of living a holistic lifestyle. Having suffered from gut and adrenal issues, he knows first-hand what it takes to overcome this struggle. His experience and passion for self-educating has always remained a top priority, which directly supports his desire to help as many people as possible. With a career ambition to educate others using his own life experiences as a guide.

Allow him to guide you into the pursuit of healthiness.

Location:  Wellington


Mobile No:     0212929498  

Corinne Austin – Level 2

Hey I’m Corinne! I’m the mother of two, wife of one, and the motivator of many!

The outdoors, physical activity, adventure, huffy-puffy, sweat, sport, and fun have ALWAYS been my passions. And so it serves my heart perfectly that I have been fortunate enough to have had a flourishing, successful, and fun-filled career in the fitness industry for the last 12 or so years. I change lives daily, and one of my greatest missions is to help people reconnect with the medicinal benefits of moving for both enjoyment and health.

A couple of years ago I was privileged to stumble across the remarkable yet humble Ange and Dave of Kaizen whose more holistic approach to health and fitness was to be the next big thing for me. Together, their knowledge of movement mechanics, gut issues, and hormonal health provided a couple of previously neglected yet crucial pieces to the puzzle of overall well-being. Powered by their wisdom, mentorship, and guidance, my unending desire to help everyone understand their individual potential for great health and freedom is now stronger than ever.

Through deep connections with my clients, I not only provide energy-boosting and life-giving movement and exercise sessions, but I also coach them into connecting with and understanding their own bodies, inside and out, and encourage them to strive for that place of absolute well-being and peace that they long for.

What’s possible if you let it be possible?

Location:  Whangarei



Mobile No:     0275666333

Jackie McDonald – Level 2

With over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have a wealth of knowledge and am passionate about passing that on and enhancing people’s lives. I have had four children and have been at one stage very overweight.
The challenges I have experienced on my own journey have inspired me to help other people facing their own problems and helping them with their own personal goals.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and having a more rewarding and fulfilling life.Through a holistic approach.
Jackie McDonald
Ultima Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Location:  Wellington New Zealand


Mobile No:     0272397682 or 0800 885 999  

Rob Collier – Level 1

Rob has been involved in the Fitness industry for over 20 years. During this time he has worked with thousands of people, especially in the areas of exercise rehabilitation, golf conditioning and holistic lifestyle coaching. He has also successfully owned and operated a number of fitness and wellness businesses.

Rob has continued to educate himself with the best included the Kaizen Institute of health. Clients gain the tremendous ongoing value of this.
If you would like learn more about how Robert can help you:

Location:  Wellington


Mobile No:     64-27223-5039

Rudi Williams – Level 2

I am a healthy lifestyle advisor and functional fitness coach based in Auckland.
I enjoy taking a holistic approach to training people as it enables me to be able to help a variety of clients with different needs. Keen interest in special populations, rehabilitation and the effect stress has on health and wellness. I feel that the management of physical, mental/emotional, nutritional and environmental stress plays a major in reaching optimal health. The adrenal stress and food sensitivity test can help identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals. The information and data gained will help develop a plan suited to you and what you would like to achieve.

Location:  Auckland


Mobile No:    0211635675

Wendy Mouldey – Level 2

Wendy has been working in the Health and Fitness Industry since the early 90’s. She has a passion for making a difference to the lives of those who go to her with an emphasis on improving their health by using an overall holistic approach.

Re-establishing her Health & Fitness Centre on a beautiful and private rural property in the Wairarapa has allowed Wendy to create an environment that facilitates wellness for all who go there. With a fully equipped gymnasium and purpose-built, heated indoor Fastlane pool; clients with exercise challenges, medical conditions and rehabilitation needs, will find themselves in the perfect healing environment. ¬¬

She uses many modalities such as Life Coaching, EFT, Zero Balancing, Exercise Prescription; and as a Kaizen Practitioner can arrange testing for Food Sensitivities and Adrenal Stress Testing.

This combined skill set helps her to help her Clients with emotional, physical, nutritional and lifestyle issues such as stress and weight.

Location:  Carterton, Wairarapa


Mobile No:    0272 533 504