Kaizen Health Diagnostics is leading the way in preventative health offering ‘health testing for health’ online.

Stress is the underlying cause of over 80% of all chronic disease and illness.The Kaizen Stress Hormonal Kits measure your individual hormonal profile to see how your body is coping with stress.

The Kaizen Food Sensitivity kits test for the hidden stressors of food sensitivities.
‘Kaizen Your Health’ protocols are provided.

Kaizen Stress Hormonal Kits

measure key stress hormones and recovery hormones.

  • Find out what is happening on the ‘inside’.
  • Pinpoint the sources of your stress (including ‘hidden’ stressors).
  • Measure crucial hormonal balance to see how your body is coping with stress.
  • Cut through the confusion and no longer waste time going down the wrong path.
  • Get a specific personalised health plan using cutting edge data.
  • Note that you must have a practitioner to purchase this test. If you don’t have a practitioner email us and we’ll provide one for you.

Kaizen Food Sensitivity Kits

Our Australia and New Zealand offices offer food sensitivity tests that you can do in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

  • 45% of people reading this page have a food sensitivity (possibly even higher).
  • Food sensitivities cause unwanted stress and inflammation on the body.
  • Food sensitivities have a delayed reaction and are difficult to detect without testing.
  • We test 93 of the high risk foods with a specialised lab.
  • Includes a follow up consultation with our food sensitivity testing expert.

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