Why do a Mentorship?

At lectures and workshops you don’t get a chance to consolidate what you’ve learnt and get the chance to implement and practice under the eye of a mentor.

You’ll see and learn some great techniques by going to conferences or workshops, but we know from our own experiences that experts won’t share their model with you on these short courses.

Many practitioners say they have a “holistic model” when working with clients. In our experience their approach to the hormonal system, lifestyle modification, and diet are usually token gestures.

Personal trainers usually operate in isolation (especially the good ones), without a mentor, a rock-solid model, or team of like-minded colleagues.

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Our Promise

You will be given and taught all assessments used at the Kaizen Centre. You will be personally assessed by our team and will learn why and how to use these assessments to pinpoint how to best work on yourself and your clients.

We will show you how to problem solve and apply techniques we use on a daily basis at the Kaizen Centre and our international consulting businesses that have allowed us to consistently deliver world class results.

You will have an experience of a lifetime, both personally and professionally, learning and growing with our team in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

You don’t just learn then leave when you do our mentorship. You will become part of our Kaizen mentorship community and will have access to us and our knowledge base on an ongoing basis after your mentorship.

We believe that as leaders we need to lead by example. If you have injuries or health issues we will assess and treat you with all our tools to teach you how to heal yourself and operate at your full potential.

Kaizen Institute of Health Mentorship Outline

Key topics

• Kaizen base assessment advanced theory
learn how to assess for stress indicators, structural abnormalities, joint restrictions and movement problems

• Kaizen assessment practical
You will be assessed and see the rationale behind your exercise prescription by working with Dave and Angela
You will learn how to conduct these assessments

• Adrenal function and food sensitivity
You will be taken through your personal adrenal test results and a you will develop a specific action plan.
Angela will show you how to identify and how to treat adrenal dysfunction and food sensitivities
Angela will show you her key techniques that she uses to assess and programme for these clients

• Problem solving movement dysfunction
Dave will take you through his key strategies for treating movement problems. You will be taught these strategies and key corrective techniques

• Coaching models and behaviour change
You will be given the Kaizen coaching tool and be taught how to coach and create positive change in your clients
You will experience a discovery session looking at your future potential as a health leader with Angela

• You will be given the Kaizen treatment model and the key systems we use in our business
Learn how to implement our systems into your business

• Take your business to the next level
You will be given the Kaizen treatment model and the key systems we use in our business
Learn how to implement our systems into your business

Each day will involve theory, practical, hands on training, and fun to deliver a world class mentorship.

Mentorship Details


Kaizen Centre
Suite 2/47 Sixth Ave, Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4558, Australia

Mentorship Dates and Schedule

See our Events Calendar for Upcoming mentorships

Tuesday: Observation day.  You can observe as much or as little as you’d like.  We will have sessions from 6am-6pm. A timetable of sessions is released 1-2 weeks before mentorships.

Wednesday to Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm.

Limited Numbers: A maximum of 12 participants

Investment: $3500NZD or $3300AUD

Payment:Payment can be made by credit card or bank deposit to our New Zealand or Australian accounts. Payment can be made in full or by installments (contact us for details). All payments must be finalized prior to the mentorship.

Mentorship Bonus:

BONUS #1. On the Tuesday of your mentorship you are invited to observe and shadow sessions at the Kaizen Centre. See how we operate and get a preview of what you are about to learn.

BONUS #2. We will include an adrenal stress profile test (valued at $395) as well as a licence to become a Kaizen adrenal testing practitioner as part of this programme valued at $995. You will complete an adrenal stress profile test just prior to the mentorship so we can develop you a truly holistic corrective programme.

BONUS #3. We will include food sensitivity test as well as a licence to on sell Kaizen food sensitivity tests – valued at $495 (plus the ongoing revenue stream)

BONUS #4. You will become part of our KIH mentorship group. This gives you direct access to Angela and Dave as well as other mentorship attendees as part of a select group for ongoing support. You will also get invitations to any future events that we hold.

Learning material: All learning material will be provided for the mentorship.

Catering:All attendees will supply their own breakfast and lunches. These are available at cafes surrounding the Kaizen Centre.

We will supply dinner On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

We will also supply filtered water and snacks throughout the day.

Travel:There are two airports, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore). Both have reliable shuttle services to and from the airport. We recommend Con-X-ion.

Accommodation:There are many options close to the Kaizen Centre. The Kaizen Centre is at the base of the Catalina Resort. If you wish to stay onsite contact us for accommodation deals.

Cancellation Policy: A 20% administration fee will apply if cancellation takes place before 30 days from the course date. If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the course date there will be a 30% fee applied. All mentorship fees will be refunded in the unlikely event of a mentorship cancellation.

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